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  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    In comics as w/ life you can't go home again w/ X-Men Gold one-shot you can but you better get at a discount place or at a con cheaply. It had a variety of A+ talent from both Simonsons (w/ Stan Lee likely giving a light plot) & taking the ball and running w/ it. You have Claremont being well himself telling a story from the 80s era. There were other writers/artists I'm not as familiar w/ but touch on other eras of X-Men history. Even a story featuring Firestar (ie Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends during the early 80s heyday) & Beast also. The linking character in nearly all the stories was Kitty Pryde. I must admit at a super high retail price of 6 bucks retail (thank goodness I preordered this) it is a high bar to please many fans, I tried peeling off the digital code w/ my copy but was less than successful so if you have an X-fan that has their copy available (as a last resort) give it a read you might get a kick out of it. 4.75 stars out of 5 (I have no clue who Onslaught was).

  • Re: Best Trade/Hardcover/OGN you read this week

    I finished reading Fairest In All The Land HC OGN. It was a step in the right direction after reading the last Fables OGN involving Bigby & Werewolves. It was a murder mystery w/ Cinderella as both detective/spy in this tale that allows certain things to happen but soon put back into place but at a heavy cost to be paid. The variety of artists did a remarkable job of carrying the load like a relay race handing it off to the next to carry the torch and move forward w/ Willingham's stated goal -- tell a good story & in the process entertain all whose eyes are opened to the tales of Fabletown to see what lies ahead. I give this OGN a 4.5 stars out of 5 stars rating. For Mature readers only.

  • Re: What comics did you read and like this week?

    Well I read Fairest Vol. 2 The Hidden Kingdom tpb this time. The volume's main story is about Repunzel set before Fables Vol. 1. It has Repunzel, Joel Crow & Jack traveling from Fabletown to Tokyo. I will not lie to you this story gives the reader the complete run around. You think it is about Repunzel wanting to find out what happened to her kids but it takes a sharp right hand turn into a wanna be villain & fight w/ little payoff. The scenery around the main plot is nice & learning about different cultures is a welcome change but the story itself drags on for 6 issues. Lauren Beukes took a swing & a big fat miss in her arc w/ Fablesverse. I give the main story a 1.5 out of 5 stars rating. Then we move onto a Willingham story for a one & done tale. Lets just say even thinking about this short story makes me want to throw up often. Willingham FAILED w/ the story but I liked lesson learned by the Fox & not the moral of the story that the guest star was trying to teach w/ on the epilogue to another 3rd party on the last page of the collection. Willingham gets a 1 star out of 5 stars for his contribution. With Fairest collections changing guest writers & artists every arc I will give the next volume a chance to impress me. I didn't like this story but maybe the next volume will like the 1st volume did. Seriously don't eat just before getting to the Willingham short story you have been warned.

  • Re: What did you buy today?

    Well before this forum was rebooted we had a What was coming out this week thread. The "(fill in a blank" Edition. It can be about a comic you are really hyped for that week coming out, something in your personal life or just shooting the breeze or something funny you want to say. After this forum was rebooted Bryan Deemer (one of the CGS masterminds before giving Brian "Pants" the hosting duties) started the thread again but instead of making a short thread every week we just made it one long thread instead. I hope that explains everything Luke.

  • Re: Best Trade/Hardcover/OGN you read this week

    I finished reading the complete Our Worlds at War all in 1 volume tpb. This 500 page saga has huge threats Imperiex & a second one that immediately follows it that is equally changing for the JLA, JSA, Steel, Young Justice, Supergirl & others dealing w/ this threat in order to save the universe. It has few weak points but draws heavily on famous speeches in US History to give this threat added weight as if it was real in our own universe as text in addition to the events going on the words and art on the page at certain key points of the story. The aftermath of OWAW is like a punch in the gut to the DC Universe w/ Wonder Woman loosing her mom, Lois & Clark lost people they love and are thought to be missing or dead (later on in future stories this is proven to not be the case but you wouldn't know it at the time Pre-Flashpoint DC). OWAW is a good event, I give it a rating of 7 on the story & a 8 on the art so 7.5 out of 10 overall.

    I will have my Garcia-Lopez Superman HC & Yotsuba&! Vol. 1 GN later on today or tomorrow to read. I will put Beanworld on my will read list. The only thing certain is Walking Dead HCs will be on hiatus for me for a long while maybe until 2014. Life is so damn depressing now w/out zombies I just have no interest in reading about that certain story for obvious reasons. I'm certain that Kirkman will survive okay though.

    Finally, thanks again for the suggestions everyone it is greatly appreciated.