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  • Re: DC and March Solicits

    Wake me when we finally get a MARVEL MAX M'BAKU THE MAN APE.

    They should do it for the alliteration alone.
  • Re: Free Comic Book Day Offerings (FCBD) | May 2, 2015

    Remember- FCBD is not for us. It is primarily to get people who may have never been to an LCS, or haven't been in awhile, into one.

    So, from that point if view, I'm excited that there look to be a lot of quality kid friendly books, books with a hook to other media, as well as the kick off to an event book by a strong creative team at Marvel that might get someone interested to come back to the shop for the next issue.

    (And maybe the same sort of thing from DC, we'll see).

    So even if the offerings so far aren't that exciting for me to get in a DCBS shipment, I'm not the point.

    But I am excited that on FCBD I can take my daughter into a shop, a tradition for us now, and there are books aimed at her. And I'm excited that there may be some quality work for older readers in case someone curious comes in, too.
  • Re: DC's Convergence

  • Re: Movie News: Avengers 2

    @TheOriginalGMan‌ - Interesting. I am behind on Axis, but just read a spoiler-y review of the issue. It seems to be that they are doing-- or, in a penultimate issue, teasing the idea, of doing the latter part of what I guessed:

    Sure, Wanda's reality warping powers could be an easy way to retcon them into having never been Magneto's children, and never having been mutants or something like that. They could, themselves, be "no more mutant". It is possible. But if they did that just to match up with a movie origin, I don't think that would go down well. It would be a more heavy handed and obvious bit of brand alignment than they usually do. It would be a bad sign if they got that top-down with things. But, as they didn't after Avengers, I don't expect they will need to for Avengers 2.
    The review I read predicts that the question of their true origins may carry over to Remender's upcoming new volume of Uncanny Avengers. Hopefully this will be him to continuing to run out the thread of a Wanda story he wants to tell, as Uncanny Avengers has been a pretty Wanda-heavy title from the start, and the retcon may or may not stick or be all it seems.

    It would be a bummer if the retcon does end up sticking, and ends up being such a blatant and heavy handed move to align with the films. I would say that has actually not usually been the case for Marvel in the past. Sure, they have borrowed some designs and visuals from the movies. Featured certain characters more heavily. Added characters. But even in the case of Nick Fury/ Nick Fury Jr., they spent years making that transition, and never retconned away the original Fury. Instead they added another one who basically now has the mantle.

    It could turn out that this is how they make Wanda and Pietro more like how they will be in the movies, but it would be a bummer if they start getting so top down about this. We'll see.

    Well, don't forget that the reveal that Magneto was the father of Wanda and Pietro was a bit of a retcon in its own right. I mean, it was pretty well established that the Whizzer was their daddy for a while, and then they decided to switch it to Magneto (a move I never loved personally)
    Cool--- I never knew that one. Good old-time knowledge drop.
  • Re: TV News: Krypton (SyFy)

    PS- Also, for what it is worth, what I have seen of 12 Monkeys so far looks very good. And a big improvement over some of what SyFy's output has been recently.