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  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (news/ speculation/ etc.)

    Sidebar question- does Latino Review cover anything *but* superhero movie speculation?? It is the only time I ever hear of that news outlet. I sometimes imagine they are just BleedingCool with glasses as a disguise.
  • Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (news/ speculation/ etc.)

    I think that's good-- as I said before, I think having a normally not bald actor, especially one we recognize, shave their head to play Luthor feels like a stunt. If that photo is legit, then he looks more like the kind of Luthor (and age, and kind of industry) they are going for.

    For me, Luthor's baldness is the least interesting thing about him. In fact, it is the thing that usually smacks of the juvenile versions of the character where he hates Superman because he blames him for the accident that made him bald. Personally, the versions of Luthor that sees himself as humanities answer to, and defense against, "the alien" are much more interesting to me.

    I would rather a Luthor that thinks and acts on the scale of concern about, and pride in his species, rather than his pride in his appearance.
  • Movie News: X-Men Days of Future Past (Now with SPOILERS)

    For what it's worth, having not seen X3 since it first came out almost 10 years ago, I completely forgot that Professor X was supposed to be dead. I remembered that Scott and Jean died, but I guess by the time the Professor dies in that one I had stopped paying attention!
  • What did you buy today?

  • (The) Multiversity - FINALLY!

    I totally get where @Elsiebub‌ is coming from. I also have some trepidation. When I read the solicitation, I do worry that this could just be another sort of anthology/Elseworld series. Just some clever spins on the icons. Hopefully not, but that may be. What interests me the most is the hope that- on top of some interesting interpretations of characters across the Multiverse, that the Earth Prime lens on it will amount to something.

    And I don't mean amount to something in the continuity, "Does this MATTER/ Does this COUNT/ Is this IMPORTANT" sense, because I don't care about any of that, especially for the current DCU. Rather, I hope that there is some inventiveness to the form. Some fun meta trick that makes the reading experience of it something other than just a catalog of the IPs of the alternate Earths.

    I will say, and here I should probably remind/disclose that I enjoyed Final Crisis more than many, that I have actually pretty rarely been let down by Morrison. Certainly there is some work of his I like better than others. But there has been little of it that I have not at least enjoyed. It doesn't always work, but is rarely forgettable (with his recent run on Action Comics being an unfortunately recent exception).

    So, we'll see. I am game. And, given how long he has beaten the drum on this one, hopefully he is ready to really bring his A game to this one. But I do get the concern that some of the description in the solicitation makes it sound like an easy gig. Which is to say, introduce a bunch of versions in a bunch of settings, and let the stellar art team go to town. I do hope it is more than that. I hope that real time has been put into the structure, and that there is an idea at play worth chasing, so it amounts to something more than a guided tour and a Who's Who. We'll see.