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  • Classic BOMC- Animal Man Volume 1 (from December 2005)

    And now, a classic CGS BOMC episode from the archives.

    The book is the (now out of print, I think, as it has been replaced with an Omnibus) Animal Man Volume 1. Which has the first 9 issues of the Morrison/Grummett/Truog series.

    Unfortunately the original discussion thread for this episode is long lost to a crash several forums ago. But as a part of the new BOMC category, I wanted to plug some classics to those who may have not listened back to CGS this far. And I would invite others to do the same.

    I had already emailed the guys a few times in their first year, but I think it was this episode that got me posting on their original forum for the first time. It is a really fun and contentious discussion. Part of the fun is how polarizing the most esoteric issue of the book-- #5 "The Coyote Gospel" was in the room. That even though this was a series I loved, I enjoyed that not everyone I was listening was going to be on board, too. They had some big reactions, and were going to stand by them. I think this episode really helped distinguish some of the tastes and episodes of the different hosts for me. The episode also has a great guest-- comics blogger and academic Geoff Klock. And early BOMC classic, and worth going back for.

    Listen here.
  • Sex Criminals (Pre-Recording Discussion/ Questions)

    For Indie month, the March Book of the Month Club selection is Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky's Sex Criminals Volume One: One Weird Trick, published by Image Comics. The collected edition is issues 1-5, for those playing along with the singles (which, given this book, sounds like a euphemism).

    What did you think? What sort of questions would you like to add to the discussion? Will it be strange to hear @Adam_Murdough‌ , the voice of Christmas, give a naughty plot synopsis? Join in. Earmuffs!

  • Infinity Gauntlet (Pre-Recording Discussion/Questions)

    The Infinity Gauntlet will be the BOMC book for February. An early 1990s Marvel classic that looks to be a big part of the future of the cinematic universe. CGS will be reading the original, 6-issue Infinity Gauntlet miniseries, that has been collected a number of ways, and is also available to subscribers of Marvel Unlimited.

    Your thoughts? Is this the first time you are reading it? Or are you returning to a work you haven't sat down with in years? Add to the discussion here, or post questions you would like the guys to consider in their discussion. The episode should record sometime in February.
  • Welcome to the Book of the Month Club Category

    First. a tip of the hat to @fredzilla‌ for suggesting that Book of the Month Club discussions should have a category of their own.

    The idea for this section of the forums is give listeners a place to discuss the upcoming CGS BOMC selections, and give the guys an easy place to find those discussions when it is time to record the episode. This is also a place to discuss those episodes, as well as to recommend some BOMC classics from the archives that newer listeners might not have heard yet (feel free to find one in the archives and start a new thread for it); or to recommend books that you think would make for BOMC selections in the future.

    The talkback discussions for new and recent BOMC episodes will remain in the CGS Episodes & Spin-Offs category, alongside the other numbered episode discussions.
  • Re: Movie News: Fantastic Four Reboot.

    I think that fact that the current volumes of Avengers and New Avengers are also ending right before Secret Wars this summer puts all the sound and fury around the Fantastic Four ending in a new context.

    So basically, all that conspiracy theorizing and spin around the current volume of Fantastic Four ending in April. And how that was supposed to be some sort of acting out by Marvel against Fox? Well the same thing is happening in the two flagship Avengers books. We now have confirmation, as the 'Time Runs Out' storyline has been hinting at and counting down to, the two main Avengers titles ALSO end in April.

    And, of course, characters from these Hickman Avengers books as well as the Fantastic Four are all major players in the Secret Wars event this summer, at least to judge from the covers and promos we've seen.

    Surely the new volumes of Avengers (and probably the New Avengers brand as well) will spin out of Secret War, though that has not yet been announced. No reason to believe that a new volume of Fantastic Four won't also spin out of Secret War, too. Though that has not yet been announced.

    Unless BleedingCool or others would like to convince us that Marvel is cancelling these Avengers books because they are mad at themselves for how the Avengers movies are being handled at Marvel, and are using their publishing schedule to lash out?

    Or, is it more likely that Fantastic Four, like these Avengers books, are just playing the cancel-and-relaunch-with-a-new-#1 game that Marvel has been playing for years?

    From the beginning I have argued the latter is more likely. And, now that we see the Avengers 'cancellations' (suspensions) I think it is that much more clear that FF is connected to the same strategy. Though I don't blame Marvel for letting the BleedingCools and other speculators/muckrackers in the blogosphere help them boost sales on the upcoming "final" issue of FF. Why come out and say 'FF will definitely be back' when you can have the spin help you sell "the most controversial Fantastic Four story of the century!"? (I don't think the solicitation for the triple-sized "last" issue is out yet, but I would guess it will be similarly hyperbolic.)

    But, at the end of the day, I believe this is about the publishing division doing what they do-- hyping and selling comics, and resorting to their old, proven, tricks to do so.