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  • Movie News: X-Men Days of Future Past

    Why should some allegation effect my enjoyment of a movie? Why have some anonymous accuser ruin what looks to me to be a great film? I wish we could stick to the subject matter and not the ephemera around it.

    I'm sure Fatty Arbuckle would agree.

    Keep your righteousness and history listen to yourself. The insinuation that somebody supports that sort of crime because they want to see a movie is insulting and just a little ridiculous. I often come to a comic book forum for my morality lesson.
    Relax. @WetRats‌ is not citing history to judge you, he is actually citing a piece of history that agrees with you. Just look at the Arbuckle story.

    The history around Fatty Arbuckle is actually about the public rushing to judgment based on shoddy facts, leading to the ruination of a career and infamy that stuck with him the rest of his life. Arbuckle was eventually cleared of all criminal charges, but it was too late to save his reputation and career. The Arbuckle story is actually an example of when people couldn't stick to the subject matter and instead ran wild with tabloid accusation and speculation.

    Not every response to you is someone disagreeing with you. Or judging you.

  • Movie News: X-Men Days of Future Past

    I refuse to feed into what bullshitters & they're scumbag lawyers try to do.*. I see too many times (through work) where people file bullshit claims & get free money.


    "First, we kill the lawyers."
    - Bill Shakespeare

    If you will indulge me a nerdy sidebar for a moment (that no one asked for, but I can't help it when I see that quote).

    That quote is not really a Shakespeare *quote*. It is a fun line. And I am not surprised to have seen it on t-shirts and see it get treated like a quote. It is not really something Shakespeare said about lawyers, in the same way that we have pithy things that Mark Twain said about things.

    Rather, that is a line of dialogue that Shakespeare wrote for a character who is written to be an ignorant buffoon who is part of a rebellion that fails. The character suggests killing the lawyers as part of a plan that also includes abolishing all money, setting up the rebel leader to be worshipped, and a few lines later, not only should all the lawyers be killed, but actually anyone found to be literate should be killed, too.

    Here is the scene if you want to read the whole thing.

    And here is the line in context:
    God save your majesty!

    I thank you, good people: there shall be no money;
    all shall eat and drink on my score; and I will
    apparel them all in one livery, that they may agree
    like brothers and worship me their lord.

    The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers.

    Nay, that I mean to do. Is not this a lamentable
    thing, that of the skin of an innocent lamb should
    be made parchment? that parchment, being scribbled
    o'er, should undo a man? Some say the bee stings:
    but I say, 'tis the bee's wax; for I did but seal
    once to a thing, and I was never mine own man
    since. How now! who's there?

    Enter some, bringing forward the Clerk of Chatham

    The clerk of Chatham: he can write and read and
    cast accompt.

    O monstrous!

    We took him setting of boys' copies.

    Here's a villain!

    Has a book in his pocket with red letters in't.

    Nay, then, he is a conjurer.
    So the line comes from an idiot, in a scene of historical and semi-historical characters that Shakespeare- as he is wont to do in his very propaganda-heavy history plays- writes as a crude cartoon.

    So attributing the line like it is a Shakespeare quote would be like attributing other lines from his characters as if they were Shakespeare's own beliefs, you know what I mean? It would be like a quote reading:

    "I am a villain."

    - William Shakespeare

    As opposed to

    "I am a villain."

    -Richard III, King Richard III by William Shakespeare.

    Okay. As you were.

    (Sorry, I can't help it. I have been teaching and doing Shakespeare for a lot of years now.)
  • Amazon Buying Comixology

    And now, the self interest: We're Prime members. Here's hoping there is some sort of new, Marvel Unlimited-like, all you can eat deals to be had via this new ownership. Some connection to or discount via the Prime membership. I mean, a boy can dream.
  • Random Bits Not Worthy of their Own Thread...

    My 3 and a half year old daughter knows, and can correctly apply, the terms "floppy" and "trade".

    I swear I didn't intend this, or drill them as vocab words. But I guess this is what happens when you take her with you to the shop enough times. (And she is working on a short box of her own books by now)
  • What did you think of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

    I think if- after all the complaints of not enough MU characters- they were to pull Triathlon out from waaaay back on the bench, that would be punk rock. A sort of meta FU. I mean, could 3D Man and US1 not be far behind?