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  • Re: Movie News: 100 Bullets


    Also, I didn't know until I saw that article that New Line is now overseeing Vertigo projects. I think that is a positive step-- it seems like a lot of the would-be Vertigo projects we have been hearing about for years have been stalled.

    Also, I believe that some, if not all, of the Vertigo deals with creator-owners include point where the rights revert back to the creators (as they have for Preacher and Y: The Last Man). I don't know whether that clock is counted from the original launch of the series, or from the publication of the final issue, but either way it must be ticking for 100 Bullets. So all the more reason for them to get moving on it.

    Good info. I was unaware of all of that.

    WRT 100 Bullets itself, so far, it's feeling very much like an anthology. Is there really a central character to follow? Again, I'm only 3 trades in, but so far, there's no real central character.
    Not sure. 100 Bullets is one of those series that I got the first few trades years ago, enjoyed them but stalled out. Then I recently got all the rest of the trades in credit on a trade-in, and I'm excited to have them. But it is also a daunting pile. I'm sure I'll enjoy it when I get to it, but sometimes I let me monthly singles reading distract me from diving into whole series that I have collected like this one.

    I do believe, and this is partly just from remembering old solicitations, that as modular and anthology-like as the stories can be, there is a central mythology to the series, and some key characters to that overall story. It may be that the film will focus on that. Or, given how great and provocative a thrust the main premise is (a person who feels they have been wronged are handed what seems to be the opportunity to kill and get away with it) that the film with just take that idea and tell a single story with it. I am definitely intrigued either way they go with it.
  • Re: Who Has Affected Their Respective Universe More: Johns or Bendis?

    @nweathington I think the way I took the question-- and I totally agree there are so many different ways to approach it, and many of them involve the sorts of behind the scenes stuff we are not privy to-- is that I was judging based on what ideas (and, to a lesser extent, tone of storytelling) within their narrative have had the most, and longest lasting influence, on the fictional universe their stories were set in. Whose stories had the biggest ripples, to give it an image.

    (And, of course, there are things in their narratives that might have totally been an editor's idea, or is simply their execution of someone else's mandate. But I think that could equally be said of any writer at the Big Two, so to me that is neither here nor there.)

    And, to me, just to judge by what was in their stories, and the effect on the characters and the setting they share with the rest of the stewards of these characters, to my eye Bendis has had a bigger influence on the Marvel Universe in his 14 years writing there than Johns has had in his 16 years across the two DCUs.
  • Re: Marvel on Netflix- DD, JJ, LC, IF and Defenders (non-spoiler)

    Over the years, the Defenders has been the junk drawer of superhero teams.

    Redefining them as the homefront, street-level, sweat-the-small-stuff crew as a contrast to the globe-spanning, world-saving, high-power Avengers is damned clever.

    What does that make The Champions?

    The team with all the accountants.

    (A woefully underused subplot.)
  • Re: The Netflix Thread --- Whatcha watching?

    If you like documentaries about filmmaking, particularly ones that involved specific problematic film shoots, then I can't recommend enough Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley's Island of Dr. Moreau. My God! This was the film shoot from hell and it confirms one thing. Actor Val Kilmer is an ASS! Seriously, documentary was fascinating; like car wreck fascinating.

    Thanks for the heads up on that-- I am fascinated by Brando (we even named a cat after him), and first saw a feature about this doc in EW. I didn't realize it was now out, and on Netflix. Thanks!

    David, Brando's performance in On the Waterfront is my all time favorite male acting performance. With that said, he doesn't come off in this doc that much better than Vain Val. I'll say no more but when you see it, I would be most interested in your thoughts.

    Thanks for that, as that is fair warning. I think part of my fascination with him is the huge impact his early work had on stage and film acting in America, but then his later acting out and self-destruction, while nothing to admire, is also a compelling thing to see. It is sometimes hard to know how much he was in control of it all, how much his later career ended up being a grand act of satire on Hollywood movies. A sort of Andy Kaufman-esque piece of performance art, played across years. Or, maybe he was just out of control, past the time when he was exciting and relevant, and merely selfish and childish. That is possible, too. But I have been pretty fascinated by him for a long time. An excellent, warts-and-all but not bent on exploitation and tawdry details book about him is Somebody: The Reckless and Remarkable Career of Marlon Brando by Stefan Kanfer. It is also a good audiobook, which is how I "read" it. What I liked is how well Kanfer captured just how exciting and influential he was early in his career. For those of us that saw more of his work when he was starting to become more of a joke or a parody of himself, it helped to cement who he was when he was the best actor of his generation, when he actually CHANGED acting.

    And Dr. Moreau is a pretty flagrant example of Brando in all his worst excesses. Looking forward to the documentary about it. But I know it will be filled with a lot of cringeworthy bad behavior.
  • Re: Episode 1569 Talkback - Comic Talk

    Welcome aboard, Dani!