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  • Re: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. | Official Thread

    CBR has a piece today speculating on how things go when the Inhumans are incorporated into Agents of SHIELD next season.
  • Re: Movie News: Fantastic Four Reboot.

    And next, @TheOriginalGMan‌ you've got to admit you also made up that plot summary ;)

    LOL! I wish I did!

    Well. Your spelling is much better than whoever did. So that is probably for the best.
  • Re: The Secret (Wars) Is Out.

    From the stretching arm, I would guess the guy in the lower right hand corner is a new or alternate version of Machine Man

    In fact, I think the Metron-looking guy might ALSO be Machine Man. As I think the image has multiples of some characters (like there are two versions of Spider-Woman, I think.)
  • Re: Best Marvel for New Readers?

    I have been thinking about that. I don't have a tablet though and I hate reading comics on my phone but when and if I get a tablet, I'll be looking into the Marvel Unlimited. I have heard nothing but good things about it.
    Also, if it helps, it doesn't have to be a tablet or a device. I had Marvel Unlimited (back then it was the Marvel DCU) before we had an iPad, and I read a LOT of comics (I think this was also before we had kids) via our destop iMac. I tend to use the tablet for it now, but sometimes I miss reading comics on a screen that big.
  • Re: (The) Multiversity - FINALLY!

    I liked bits of it, but feel Morrison is trying to be too clever for his own good. Breaking the 4th wall was great back in Animal Man years ago but now he seems to be doing it to have a go at publishers etc, I get the impression he is probably mocking us for liking it.

    I didn’t get that feeling at all. To me it felt like he was just trying to make a fun comic book that plays with the concepts of comic book storytelling.

    I don’t know Grant very well, but from talking with him, I believe his enjoyment of those Silver Age tropes is genuine, and I don’t think he would ever mock his readers (well, maybe a few specific individuals, but not his entire audience).
    I agree. I think Morrison protege Mark Millar has been guilty of disdain of the audience a few times, but I don't feel like that is what Morrison's meta-layers are out to do. I feel like he is talking to the audience because he loved when books used to do that (and because it is the way to add Earth-Prime to the story, which is something I get the feeling is going to pay off in the narrative). I don't think he is doing that to use an old, playful style to involve us, not to mock us for even participating in the first place.