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  • Re: CGS Presents: Murd's Time Bubble - The Twenty-Third Time Talkback

    Oh was I ever surprised to hear Murd talk about the Exiles! I used to LOVE this book. As of right now the only story that stands out in my mind is 'With an Iron Fist'. It was a Iron Man and Inhumans story...sooo good. I may have to go and re-read my trades. Coming out of Age of Apocalypse Blink was my favorite character. I felt weirdly satisfied when she showed up in the Days of Future Past movie...I used to have a Joe Mad Wizard mini poster of her up in my college dorm and used to have to explain to everyone who she was. I still like the character and the 616 version has since returned.

    I'm currently at work and Murd is working his way through X-Force. Keep reading Murd, the book gets so much better and eventually Xavier guest stars when the Orphan shows up. I don't know if it's nostalgia but I remember those being some great comics. You're really taking me back.

    ...I had something else to add but I can't remember...I'll be back.
  • Re: The Daily "MOHOTMU"

    Mic drop
  • Re: CGS Presents: Comic Timing Episode 150 Talkback

    I'm late to the party but congrats from the EMP/EMX crew!
  • Re: Earth's Mightiest Podcast


    In this eXplicit, uncut and unedited episode of EMX we cover the X-Men books of September 2013. Featuring guest host @Peter Peter Rios ! (


    All-New X-Men #16
    Astonishing X-Men #67
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    Savage Wolverine #8
    Uncanny X-Force #11
    Uncanny X-Men #12
    Wolverine #9
    Wolverine and the X-Men #36
    X-Factor #262
    X-Men #5
    X-Men Battle of the Atom #1
    X-Men Legacy #16-17

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  • Re: Episode 1415 Talkback - Off the RacksInfinity #1,Itty Bitty Hellboy #1,Trillium #1,Forever Evil #1

    Hi guys. I was hoping someone could fill me in on what was up with the Avengers and New Avengers since Marvel Now started. Other then not liking Hickman, I think that is the problem I most have with this book, some of the stuff is going over my head and I was hoping I could have some help being filled in. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
    Woof that's a lot. Let me see what I can do:

    *The Universe is broken. The system is broken, we don't know how or why.
    *Ex Nihlo, Abyss and their Aleph arrive on Mars
    *Nihlo is a "Gardner" who creates life, Aleph robot who "world razes", Abyss...humm I have no clue what she does
    *Nilho Begins creating the "perfected human" on Mars
    *Groups like this were sent out into the Universe by the Builders to either raze or evolve life.
    *This group helped evolve the Shi'ar
    *The Builders used to worship, the Goddess aka Mother Maker AKA The Universe.
    *Ex Nihlo sends "origin bombs" to Earth which force evolution at the landing sites
    *The movie Avengers arrive and get spanked; Cap sent back to Earth
    *Cap recruits Smasher, Hyperion, Captain Universe, Falcon, Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, Cannonball, Sunspot, Manifold, Wolverine and Spidey
    *Captain Universe is actually the "Mother Maker", Nihlo and Abyss yield. Aleph refuses decides Earth must be destroyed, Cap U destroys it.
    *Nihlo's perfected human turns out to be Adam or Nightmask like the version from New Universe.
    *He prepares the Avengers for the arrival of the Starbrand or Planetary defender.
    *Since the system is broken the human chosen to be the Starbrand isn't exactly worthy
    *Avengers battle Starbrand who kicks their butts but he's inexperienced.
    *Nightmask brings him to Nihlo
    *We find out Ex Nihlo breaks protocol and "creates something new and unexpected" instead of evolving life on a planet he's evolving the planet itself.
    *Kobe Japan: Reproduction, Chhatarpur India: Self-Repair , Savage Land: Self-Substenance , Split Croatia: Self-Awareness ,Holjanyaa Norway: Self-Defense, Peath Australia: Communication, Regina Canada: Evolution
    *Avengers don't know A.I.M. stole the Self-Defense monolith that landed in Norway
    *Nightmask and Starbrand go to Croatia and tries to communicate with Earth's Self-Awareness
    *When the site forms brain matter it tries to pull Nightmask into itself, Starbrand over reacts and destroys it by accident. He killed "the living conciousness of the planet" he "broke the world".
    *Nightmask and Starbrand are themselves "errors in the system, anomalies" or "broken"

    After this we get a few single issue stories dealing with some of the sites and A.I.M.

    New Avengers
    *Black Panther and some students stumble upon Black Swan and everything turns red.
    *Swan stops an Incursion or another Earth that is about to collide with our Earth by destroying the second Earth seen in the sky
    *Black Panther captures Swan but calls the Illuminati for help
    *Something unnatural caused the early death of a universe.
    *This started a chain reaction of universes colliding at an incursion point which is Earth.
    *So when two Earth's collide both universes die thus accelerating the process of other Earth's crashing into each other
    *One Earth can be saved by destroying the other but eventually another Incursion will occur
    *The New Avengers (aka Illuminati) set out to stop the Incursions
    *First incursion they stop with the Infinity Gauntlet used by Cap
    *Since the second Earth is not from this Universe it strains and shatters the Infinity Gems except for the time gem which disappears.
    *Without the Infinity Gauntlet the Illuminati decide to create world destroyers
    *Cap disagrees so the Illuminati decides to mind wipe him
    *A second Incursion occurs the Illuminati visit that planet which is about to be eaten by a Galactus.
    *The try to stop him but his herald Terrax interferes. They capture him and bring him to our Earth, Galactus eats the other Earth.
    *They turn to Swan for more information
    *The third incursion happens over Latveria but it's blue not red.
    *Blue means map makers have arrived. They pillage Earths of all resources and life. *This other Earth is dead with no life. Mapmakers want to detonate dead planet, it's pieces that fall on our planet acts as a beacon.
    *Illuminati use their weapon to detonate the planet...but didn't know Doom found a piece.
    *Each Illuminati member tries to create protocols for dealing with Incursions
    *Latveria and Atlantis go to war over Namor's invasion which killed hundreds of Wakandans.

    Prelude to Infinity (Avengers)
    *India: Self Repair site fails says the world is terminal
    *Australia: Communication site hatches bugs.
    *Avengers go there to help stop them.
    *Captain Universe takes Manifold to another to witness Builders raze a planet
    *Bugs call for help, self repair site sends blockhead beings
    *A.I.M. Island: A.I.M. loops signal for monolith which hatches (self defense)
    *Being that hatches kicks the crap out of the Avengers
    *Signal gets sent out into space, Builders receive it.
    *A.I.M. sends self-defense being into another dimension collects DNA samples from downed Avengers
    *Captain Universe sends Manifold back to Earth to tell the Avengers to get bigger.
    *Manifold saves the day by teleporting away A.I.M.
    *Captain America decides to get bigger and recruits Nightmask, Starbrand, Abyss and Ex Nihlo.

    That's pretty much the quick version.

    We're always looking for questions for out podcast (Earth's Mightiest Podcast). Feel free to PM me or post in the podcast thread if you want any questions answered on the show or on the forums.