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Will Charlito and Mister Phil ever rise again?

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    Not in the immediate future. I miss the podcast a great deal, currently I'm focused on reading other indie books by experimentation a little of this or alot of that. Seek out comics that suit you @DesertHermit .

    Charlito & Mister Phil you are missed.



  • I'm ok with the finding comics, I just miss the hell out of Charlito and Mr. Phil. I've missed them for what seemed like years now. I get people have lives and don't exist merely to entertain me, but I REALLY liked the show.
    They did introduce me to some awesome creators, like Matt Feazell and Marcos Perez, but that wasn't the reason I listened.
    Anyway, if you're out there Chuck and Phil I MISS YOU GUYS!!!!
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    My favorite ISR episode was the interview with Steve Bissette. I am a huge fan of his work. And the story he told about Steve Ditko using the original artwork from Spider-man as cutting boards in his kitchen still makes me laugh and cringe at the same time.
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    Remember when they went through long forgotten boxes from Charlito's vault? It was so random yet pure podcast gold.
  • A favorite episode that leaps to mind for me is the one where Charlito pretended to be blues man "Silvertooth Johnson" and did that song performed entirely with vocals. (Episode 10 1/2 pt. I)
    I actually didn't believe what I was hearing. I had to go back and replay it over and over to understand what an amazing thing he'd done. I still play that for musician friends all the time.
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    Thanks for the kind words, you guys. A return to a regularly-released program is unlikely (granted, ISR was rarely consistent in its releases), but beyond that I cannot say (right now).
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    Yeah I liked the episodes where they went thru Charlito's old books, and also the episode where they made some hypothetical pitches to an indie publisher, I'll never forget "Jun Tao" too.
  • Mister Phil, you saucy minx!!
    Are you hinting at something ISR-ish perhaps occurring in the future?
    Or am I reading too much into your habitually cryptic response?
  • I freely admit that I enjoy being cryptic, but the truth is that at this point it just wouldn't be fair for me to be definitive.
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    I agree with everyone else, you ( in true Jersey fashion ) guys are missed!
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    My favorite episodes are Charlito comic dig episodes & Jeff Smith two parter.

  • Charlito....
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    so who's going to MoCCA this weekend?
  • I'll be there both days. Anyone interested is welcome to join us for our traditional get-together at the Limerick (69 W 23rd St) after 9pm or so until closing. Laid-back, chill-out, wind-down comic talk - new friends and old welcome. Come say "Hi" to me and a certain Dutchman from Philly.
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    and a certain Dutchman from Philly.
    :-O........... :-/........... :x ............ :\">
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    so is there a regular board for talking about the things that used to be talked about on the ISR board? Or is this it?
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    The main discussion board could use a little more comics diversity. I'd say post your thoughts there.
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    I will be reading MAUS this summer since it is in my regina pile.

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    Any updates on new episodes MisterPhil?

    Certainly you & Charito are both well rested by now.

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    If only rest were our biggest obstacle....

    At Denver Comic Con, Charlie and I did get together for an ISR "reunion panel" with guests Michael Allred, Michael Zulli, Noah Van Sciver, Jeremy Whitley, and Matt Kindt. The panel was NOT recorded - it was a "you had to be there" event (which, in retrospect, I am thankful for - I wasn't pleased with how it turned out).

    Following the massive success of Denver Comic Con, plans are already in full swing for the 2013 DCC. This leaves Charlie once again in the middle of a huge project that will take up a tremendous amount of his time and attention. I do not believe that he will have any time to devote to a return to ISR, even though he would like to do so.

    I believe that at this point any chance of ISR returning as a regular (or semi-regular) show is now officially over, despite our brief Van Halen-esque reunion (obviously, Charlie=David Lee Roth, Mr. Phil=Eddie Van Halen). Perhaps there will be an occasional one-shot episode that we will do together and release online, or an appearance on another show (like The Daily Rios podcast), but that would be the best case scenario.
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    Perhaps there will be an occasional one-shot episode that we will do together and release online, or an appearance on another show (like The Daily Rios podcast), but that would be the best case scenario.
  • Well, I suppose there have been greater tragedies in my life, but not very many.
    I realized you guys just didn't have the time to do the show anymore, but I always held out hope you'd be back.
    I miss the show like a severed limb. But obviously I wish the both of you all the best. I'll have to do my best to make it out to the Denver con next year.
  • Charlito has posted a new ISR episode. A tribute to Joe Kubert.
  • Keeping up (so far) the new schedule of posting shows each Monday, ISR #197 is now online!
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    Charlito has posted a new ISR episode. A tribute to Joe Kubert.

    It's a beautiful thing. You all need to listen to it.
  • after the re-post on the Daily Rios of the Joe Kubert ep. I had to subscribe to ISR, hooked, line and sinker.
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    Good times are back(ish)!
  • Another Monday, another new ISR.

    Indie Spinner Rack #198: ISR Remembers Dylan Williams
  • What is this?! ISR posting new shows and I didn't notice!??!??!
    Holy McMoliest of all Good Gravies!!!! Awesome!!!!!
  • 4 Mondays straight!

    ISR #199 has Charlito back in the Mile Hi City as he hits the ground driving and gives updates on the Remember Aurora events, SPX Contastic Tuesday, and goes off on his first ever RANT caused by none other than, Dave Sim one of his comic book idols! Yeah...we know...who hasn't.
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