Flex Mentallo - Delayed again

Since I added Flex Mentallo to my Amazon basket last year I have probably had more emails about that than anything else (which is nice, I like emails).
This morning another message annoucing yet another delay.

Maybe the Atlas company are still flexing their legal muscles, maybe the distributor has got sand in their eyes, or maybe Flex himself has altered reality yet again.


  • WetRatsWetRats Posts: 6,060
    I hope it's worth the wait for you.

    I got it when it originally came out and I remember nothing about it.
  • David_DDavid_D Posts: 2,961
    That's surprising, as I remember seeing something on The Beat about copies being available at some recent convention. So at least some have been printed. Maybe they got printed later than planned?
  • PaulPaul Posts: 165
    Oh, that can't be a good thing. A shame, I'd really been looking forward to reading it.
  • John_SteedJohn_Steed Posts: 2,087
    Today Amazon.de (yep - the German one) sent me a mail that the book is now ready to pre-order. But no date given yet.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 1,883
    It's not been cancelled from DCBS so I'm holding out hope
  • dubbat138dubbat138 Posts: 3,044
    I am so glad I picked up the issues back when they came out. I kind of doubt the Atlas family is what is holding up the trade. Since there is trades of Doom Patrol that have Flex appearences in them.
  • mwhitt80mwhitt80 Posts: 1,883
    holy heck amazon says it's coming out april 10.
    DCBS has it on my next months shipment right now.
    mycomicshop says has it available for this wednesday.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,280
    Two emails today
    The first said it was delayed until the 20th.
    And the second says it has been dispatched!

    I'll expect it when I see it
  • WetRatsWetRats Posts: 6,060
    It apparently exists.

    And has been blandly recolored.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,280
    Wow, that is a big difference

  • JohnTiltonJohnTilton Posts: 113
    edited April 2012
    that recoloring sucks, gives a completely different feeling when I looking at the pages. not much more that I can say other than that.
  • MiraclemetMiraclemet Posts: 258
    Saw it on the shelves last week at my local shop. Agree about the colors. That plus the high price-point for the page-count let me pass w/o regret...
  • ZhurrieZhurrie Posts: 596
    I had seen a preview page and honestly thought it must have been a mistake, but it wasn't. I'm really glad I canceled this before it shipped now.
  • GargoyleGargoyle Posts: 195
    I really don't enjoy recoloured material, it just jars with me.
  • ZhurrieZhurrie Posts: 596
    Especially when it is this drastic and kind of entirely out of the look and feel of the whole thing. Clean things up or rescan, etc due to advances in technology that advance the quality of what is there but to just crap all over it trying to make it something it is not doesn't make any sense.
  • For what it's worth, Quitely was unhappy with the original coloring of the series. i can't find the link now, but if I do, I'll post it here.

  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,280
    It has arrived. The colouring looks very muted throughout. Would be interested to read more about the decision.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,280
    FQ: [On Flex Mentallo] That was the first time I’d been coloured by someone else. When I drew it I had a very clear image in my mind of how it was going to look and it looked very different, mostly in a way I didn’t particularly like. Bits of it worked but too much for me didn’t work, either on personal taste or on storytelling. There are things you can do with colouring that help the narrative flow, and others that can be quite jarring. Peter Doherty (Shaolin Cowboy) is re-colouring it. Peter’s natural palette is quite similar to mine – quite realistic, believable and not super-saturated. Jamie (Grant, All-Star Superman colourist], his natural palette is saturated colours and I think, generally, All-Star Superman worked.

  • @Caliban - you beat me to it. I just popped over to drop that comicbooked.com quote in here after finding it. That's exactly what I was referencing above. Thanks.

  • ZhurrieZhurrie Posts: 596
    I don't know if I fully buy into it... the new coloring doesn't match the story all that well IMO. I think there was probably a happy medium that was missed personally, but who knows... if this is what he envisioned and that was what came out initially he must not have had any involvement at all.
  • MarathonMarathon Posts: 291
    This reminds me of the Killing Joke re-colouring that Bolland himself did. I preferred the gaudy, neon-like, bold colouring of the original.
  • WetRatsWetRats Posts: 6,060
    edited April 2012
    Call me a troglodyte.

    I prefer newsprint and the gaudy, simpler coloring of my childhood.

    Ironic, considering I operate a digital press.
  • CalibanCaliban Posts: 1,280
    Read the introduction so far and I'm trying hard to suppress a sense of disappointment.
    Grant Morrison's attempt at creating a Golden and Silver age history for Mentallo seems rather ham fisted to me.
    Alan Moore does this stuff so effortlessly (c/w Supreme).
    Let's hope things improve from here
  • The re-coloring is terrible. I'll be giving it a miss until they get that right.
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